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Serbian Wine and Brandy in ProWein’s Spotlight

At the international wine and spirits fair “ProWein” 2024, which started yesterday in Dusseldorf, Serbian winemakers and distillers presented their top products and achieved exceptional success. The organization of this event was made possible by the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia (PKS) and the Development Agency of Serbia.

At the national stand of Serbia, 13 wineries and distilleries presented themselves, including Doja Winery, Blagojević Winery, Drašković Winery, Šurlan Distillery, Šapat Wine Atelier, Sena Spirits, 100 Women Winery, Stara Sokolova Distillery, Despotika Winery, Despot Distillery, Aleksandrović Winery, Bosiljčić Distillery, and Emperus Distillery.

“ProWein” this year was marked by numerous business meetings and at the same time there was an opportunity for a meeting between the president of the Union of Winemakers, Stevan Rajta, and Marko Obradović, director of the marketing sector of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, with Josh Gu, director of the ProWein fair in Shanghai, as well as for a meeting with representatives of the London wine fair.

“After last year’s highly successful performance of the Republic of Serbia in Shanghai and the participation of influential Chinese sommeliers at the Wine Vision by Open Balkan Fair, with our Chinese friend Josh Gu, director of the “ProWine” fair in Shanghai, and his associates, we discussed plans for the next period. We are expecting even more intense activities aimed at promoting Serbian wines and rakijas, as well as the Wine Vision by Open Balkan Fair in the People’s Republic of China,” said Marko Obradović, director of the marketing department of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Josh Gu announced his arrival at the Wine Vision by Open Balkan, in November, in Belgrade.

As part of the official program of the “ProWein” fair, experts and professional buyers were introduced to the wines of Serbia at a masterclass by Carline Gilby, Master of Wine. Gilby presented to the audience carefully selected Serbian wines from different wine regions, showing the diversity and undiscovered potential of the Serbian wine scene.


Selected by Caroline Gilby, the following wines from Serbia were presented:

Biser Smederevka – Winery Aleksić

Tamjanika 2023 – Tarpoš Winery

Belina 2022 – Matijašević Winery

Geronimo 2021 – Winery Erdevik Winery

Grašac Grand Fru 2020 – Winery Vinčić

Kadarka Rhapsody 2018 – Tonković Winery

Bukovski Cuvee 2020 – Matalj Winery

Breg Prokupac 2020 – Doja Winery

Milanović Probus 2021 – Milanović Winery


Our exhibitors enthusiastically shared their impressions, highlighting exceptional business contacts and positive reactions from experts. This successful promotion not only strengthens the position of Serbian wines on the global stage, but also opens the door to the European and world markets. All this contributes to strengthening the reputation of the Serbian wine scene around the world.

Serbian winemakers have recognized the opportunity to show the richness and diversity of Serbian wines through such events, thereby strengthening Serbia’s position on the global wine scene. It is expected that the impressions of the exhibitors, as well as the interest of the audience, will contribute to the further development of the Serbian wine industry at the international level.