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Technological Breakthrough: IoT Reshapes Viticulture!

In the realm of innovation, where technology meets agriculture, a powerful partnership emerges— the largest regional telecommunications provider, Telekom Srbija and IoT (Internet of Things). Leading us into this remarkable synergy is Siniša Maravić, the head of the service for the development of vertical IoT solutions at Telekom Srbija. But what is IoT, and how does it relate to the world of wines and fruits? Let’s dive into this captivating narrative of how IoT is transforming Serbian agriculture.

IoT, short for the Internet of Things, might sound like a tech buzzword, but its implications are profound. Think of it as a vast network of interconnected devices and sensors—anything from smartphones and wearables to machinery and objects—communicating and sharing data with each other over the internet. This data exchange isn’t just about sending information; it’s about unlocking insights that can drive efficiency, decision-making, and innovation across various sectors.

With a leadership position in the market, Telekom Srbija continues to introduce cutting-edge innovations that shape industries. And now, they’re harnessing the power of IoT to propel Serbian viticulture and fruit growing into a new era.

Yet, the journey to embrace these innovations hasn’t been without its challenges. Serbia’s resistance to this modern approach is only beginning to wane. However, Telekom IoT, initially crafted as an in-house solution for infrastructure security, has paved the way for a broader application. With a robust foundation in place, Telekom Srbija embarked on a mission to revolutionize various industries, including the world of winegrowers.

Imagine a tool that not only decreases the usage of pesticides and insecticides but also saves energy and reduces irrigation costs by up to 30%. Such is the power of IoT sensors and the Digital Assistant—a groundbreaking solution developed in collaboration with partners. This digital ally aids in making well-informed decisions regarding disease outbreaks, pest invasions, irrigation optimization, and frost protection.

Digital Assistant has transformed into a decision-making powerhouse. This platform doesn’t just optimize costs; it elevates production rates by harnessing a wealth of accumulated knowledge.

As we journey through the possibilities that IoT brings to Serbian vineyards and orchards, it’s clear that Telekom Srbija is more than a telecommunications leader—it’s a catalyst for agricultural transformation. By embracing technology and aligning with experts, Serbia has the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of nations like the Netherlands and propel itself to new heights in agriculture. A brighter future lies ahead, nurtured by innovation, partnership, and the unwavering support of Telekom Srbija.