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Seeking Wine Magic in Župa? Discover a Chateau Amongst the Vineyards!

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the doors of a century-old chateau, nestled amidst Serbia’s lush vineyards in Aleksandrovac? Step into the world of the Ivanović family—a tale that weaves through time.

Picture this: the Ivanović family, deeply connected to the renowned Prokupac grape, returns to their grandfather’s house in 1996. It’s as if the old walls echo with the anticipation of something great. Fast forward to the early 2000s, and their first commercial labels hit the market. The blend of tradition and innovation is palpable in every sip.

Today, with the capacity to produce 50 to 60,000 bottles annually, they stand strong, carrying the torch of their legacy. Yet, it’s fascinating to reflect that their grandfather’s time saw four times the production—an era that captures the essence of their dedication.

As the winds of change swept through the wine industry, the Ivanovićs remained persistent, ensuring Prokupac’s prominence was never compromised. The transformation of Župa, the epicenter of Serbia’s wine culture, didn’t deter them. Instead, they adapted, evolving without losing touch with their roots.

But it’s not just tradition that defines them—it’s innovation too, deeply infused with Prokupac’s spirit. The Ivanović family’s efforts are evident in their unique contributions. From revolutionary harvesting techniques to the introduction of new barrels, they’ve left an indelible mark on the wine landscape.

At the heart of this journey stands Ivan Ivanović, who carries his late father’s legacy forward. Aided by his sister and mother, he’s nurturing the family’s flame into finest wines with the king among them, the ‘Gaga’ wine—a wine that encapsulates the very essence of the family’s commitment to quality, Prokupac’s elegance, and innovation.

Yet, the journey isn’t just about history—it’s about the senses too. As you listen to our exclusive podcast episode, you’ll uncover the family’s triumphs, challenges, and aspirations, all wrapped around the distinctive Prokupac grape.

This is more than just a story; it’s a testament to the power of commitment, the resilience to adapt, and the art of creating exquisite wines, with Prokupac as their guiding star.