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Balkan Wines Shine at Vinitaly Fair: Showcasing Authentic Flavors and Ambitions

Verona’s renowned Vinitaly fair recently featured a standout showcase of Balkan wines, with over 240 varieties from Serbia, North Macedonia, and Albania captivating audiences and industry professionals alike. Vinitaly, known as the world’s leading exhibition in the wine and spirits sector, provided an ideal platform for highlighting the unique flavors and ambitions of Balkan viticulture.

Marko Obradović, Director of the Marketing and Education Sector of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, expressed excitement about the inaugural representation of brandy producers and gastronomic specialties at this year’s Vinitaly event. He emphasized the broader ambitions behind this showcase, aiming to promote Balkan wines and provide a preview of the upcoming ‘Wine Vision by Open Balkan’ fair scheduled for November in Belgrade.

Vinitaly attracted a diverse crowd of enthusiasts and buyers seeking to explore the rich tapestry of flavors offered by Balkan wines. Also, the event represents a great platform for presenting Balkan wines on the international stage, with Verona as one of global ventures for the Serbian wine industry.

Stevan Rajta, Director of the Association of Winemakers and Viticulturists of Serbia, underscored the importance of this Verona showcase for Serbian winemakers, offering a platform to enhance global market visibility and spotlight the region’s gastronomic and brandy offerings. The presence of Balkan brandy, particularly the famed Serbian rakija, added an intriguing dimension to the exhibition, further reflecting the region’s rich culinary heritage.

The wide-ranging program at Vinitaly included a masterclass titled “Discover Balkan Wines – Varieties and Terroirs of Serbia, North Macedonia, and Albania,” providing an invaluable opportunity for journalists and industry professionals to deepen their appreciation of Balkan wine terroirs and authentic varietals.

The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, in collaboration with key government and industry stakeholders, orchestrated a dynamic presence at Vinitaly, showcasing leading wines from the region and reinforcing the narrative of Balkan wine excellence.

Autonomous wine varieties from the Open Balkan region demonstrated their potential to captivate international markets, with unique terroir characteristics distinguishing Serbian wines like Grašac, Prokupac, Smederevka, and Tamjanika. Oenologists and wine experts emphasized the collaborative efforts across institutions and faculties to elevate vineyard yields and quality standards, positioning Serbian wines for global acclaim.

Looking ahead, the Wine Vision by Open Balkan initiative is poised to continue its global journey, with an upcoming presentation scheduled at the Wine to Asia fair in Shenzhen this May. As Balkan wines captivate the attention of global experts, their journey from vineyard to international prominence underscores a shared commitment to excellence and innovation within the region’s viticulture and winemaking community.