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Open Podcast Season 2 Spotlight: Success Path – From a Garage Winery to a Household Name

Our host Igor Luković chatted with Ramazi Inaišvili, a wine specialist of many trades, in the first edition of Season two of Open Podcast, the official podcast of the Wine Vision by Open Balkan wine fair.

Ramazi, who has extensive expertise in sales and marketing, told us how he turned a garage winery in Fruška Gora into a household name in the Serbian wine industry, and what the key to successful wine exports to highly selective wine markets is.

One distinguishing feature of Ramazi’s wines is distinctive label design. Ramazi emphasized the importance of these labels as more than just visuals. Labels, he believes, encapsulate the wine’s character, but also who, when and how is drinking the wine.

Throughout the conversation, the theme of consistent quality emerged as a guiding principle. Ramazi emphasized how dedication to producing exceptional wines has been a constant, from the very beginnings to international acclaim. This commitment has translated into accolades and recognition on a global scale.

In this enlightening episode, Ramazi Inaišvili tells us about ongoing pursuit of innovation and excellence, and a vision that resonates not only with wine enthusiasts but also with a wider global audience.