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Season 2 of the Open Podcast, the official podcast of the Wine Vision by Open Baklan is Here!

Second year in a row, we are taking a deep dive into the captivating and inspiring stories behind Balkan’s best wineries, wines, and even bottle labels.

Ever wondered why some Serbian wines have Papal keys on their labels, or how a garage winery can grow into an export giant and a household name? Or better yet, you can take a look behind the process of naming a wine!

Open Podcast is here to let you in on all the fascinating stories of success, but also hard work behind each and every bottle you see displayed in a store. In a cosy conversation, our podcast host Igor Luković and his guests take us behind the wine scene of Balkan and in engaging storytelling, they are sharing some less known stories of the bustling wine industry in the region.

Whether you’re commuting, relaxing at home, or enjoying a glass of your favorite wine, Open Podcast will be your perfect companion.

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